Contest info

Attention: The Swedish Nats 2016 is yet to be announced. The information below may not be valid. 


The following classes will be flown: (click on the name for more info)

  • Peanut
  • Pistachio
  • F1D
  • F1L
  • Livingroom stick/Mini stick
  • No-Cal
  • A-6

If there is enough interest we will also fly one or all of the following classes:

  • F1M
  • F1N – Indoor hand launched glider
  • Indoor towline glider
  • Bostonian

Although everyone is welcome to fly with us there are special regulations pertaining the the championship titles.To compete for the title of Swedish champion (SM/RM), the flier must be a member of the Swedish model flyers association, SMFF. To compete for the title of regional champion, the flier must be a member of a club in the county of Stockholm.


We will use FAI rules where applicable. For the other classes (Bostonian, No-Cal, Livingroom stick/Mini stick, A-6, Indoor towline glider) Swedish or local competion rules will apply.

The rules available upon request from us, but they follow “international standard” with minor differences such as allowing mylar covering in A-6.

Proxy flying

Proxy flying will be allowed in Peanut and Pistachio. An entryfee of 50 SEK or 5 € will be charged per model.

Scale judging

Peanut and pistachio models will be judged Saturday, but we will allow flying after initial presentation at the judges discretion.